Secure online selection versus blind employment


Desperate situations sometimes trigger desperate behavior. Watch it! Even though it is a crisis, you do not have to hire the first person who knows the most just because you need a worker. Think about it, do you need someone whose work you will constantly check? Do you need someone unreliable? Do you need to take on other people’s obligations in isolation and think about correcting other people’s mistakes? Clearly, there is no progress in dealing with people who slack off.

Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis will not be effective if you fill the vacancies of any candidates. Choose people who really can and want to do a good job, not someone who will be just an extra burden. Get hired after you meet the candidate. Test them to make sure they work. Assess how appropriate they are to the requirements of the workplace. Make sure they fit your needs. Talk to them. Rely on modern technology, online tests and video chats. Do not get bogged down in hiring, so it does not cost you more than you are willing to give.

People who work from home maybe think about new professional opportunities at this time. A successful business story during the COVID-19 pandemic begins with online contact! Allow potential workers to introduce themselves to you online, from a safe distance. We made sure that the candidates in the system provide all the most important information from the security of their home. That way no one takes the risk. Why would you bring together more candidates, risking both their own and your own health, when there is a simpler solution? collects all applications for you in one place. And that is just the beginning!

Non-contact testing of candidates

Online and digital tools have advanced so much that they undoubtedly make life easier. In the organizational context, their usefulness is increasingly recognized. Many organizations rely on digital solutions to get to know the candidates as well as possible before making an employment decision. Online access to selection is becoming increasingly popular. Remote assessment of candidates, from the security of their home, especially in times of crisis, becomes imperative when it comes to employment.

Why not test your candidates without additional risks? Simply send them an invitation and check how much, with their characteristics and qualifications, they suit the needs of the workplace. Do not worry, everything can be supervised! It is possible, in a simple way, to include photographing or filming the candidate during the test, and to review the photos/recordings later. It is also possible to review the candidate’s video answers and thus find out everything that interests you. It is also possible to organize an entire video meeting, with simultaneous online testing of one or more candidates. Conduct classic testing online. All information you have gathered through assessment and live contact, now collect with secure, online access. Test online as you tested live. It is a little more modern and a lot safer!