Three clicks to employees!

Recruiting platform with psychological testing of job candidates and employees

Simple applicant tracking system (ATS) with psychological assessment of job candidates, "360 degree" assessment and online employee surveys.

Make your employment process even faster!

Candidates from all job search websites are automatically gathered in one place and communication with them is significantly simplified. Our system saves your company a great amounts of money generated by the classic selection of employees.


Location is not important?

Test anywhere.

Do not limit yourself to your surroundings - find the right employee anywhere! The candidates' response is up to 40% higher compared to the classical testing, and the cost is even up to 80% lower!

Testing time is not important?

Test anytime.

Candidates are being tested from the comfort of their own home! This is particularly suited for the candidates who are already employed who rarely approach classical assessments.


Available immediately.

The results are available immediately! Without correcting, templates and transparencies, the results are available as PDF reports or Excel tables with charts and descriptions.

The interface for managing candidates is simple and transparent!

Take a look at CVs, test results, video responses, comments ... everything in one place!
With our templates you can send thank-you notes, reminders, and messages to the entire group of candidates, with automatic verification of whether the candidates have received and opened an e-mail!

1. Publish
2. Test
3. Assess

Post job ads on all web pages in just a few minutes, select tests and the issue is solved!
Everything else is automated and you just have to take a look at test results and video responses. Registration is as simple as it can be! We only ask for candidates' e-mail address and/or phone number. With our system you can also conduct live interviews - with suggested questions, answer input and other information.

Post ads on all web pages in just a few minutes, select tests and the issue is solved!
Everything else is automated and you only have to take a look at test results and video responses. Registration is simplified to the maximum! We only ask for their e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers. With our system you can also conduct live interviews - with suggested questions and answer input and other information.

A quest for workers

There are good workers, but not everybody can find them!

Collect candidates automatically from all the sites, and if they do not exist, we can help you target them on Facebook or LinkedIn. Remote candidates, with online estimates, you can see and hear their video responses.

Automated testing and video interviews

The computer does everything for you!

Once the candidate applies for the job, he automatically receives an e-mail with access data for tests and video responses, all in accordance with the parameters that you have set in the beginning of the contest!


Results are available in less than a second!

Results reports are available right after the tests are solved, and the time you spent on templates, transparencies, standards and interpretations you can use for something else!

You can enjoy your job (again)!

You work in the human resources and you have had enough of administrative tasks of collecting, sorting and calling candidates, traveling and correcting the tests? We all know that time is money, and with our software you will be able to use it more efficiently!

Our tests are scientifically validated, simple and convenient!

The tests were made on large sample of candidates in the selection processes so they possess extremely high quality metric characteristics. In addition, we are authorized to publish psychological tests by the Croatian Psychological Chamber.


The commercial package is intended for smaller and simpler tests, for lower or mid-career positions, and usually for employers or HR professionals who do not have experience in applying and interpreting psychological tests for the purpose of assessing candidates for a job or employee.
for 5 candidates – 15 €/per candidate!
for 60 candidates – 12,50 €/per candidate!
for 12 candidates – 12 €/per candidate!
for 144 candidates – 10 €/per candidate!
for 30 candidates- 10/per candidate!
for 360 candidates – 8,50 €/per candidate!
The Professional Package is intended for more serious and complex job or employee candidate testing, ranging from the lowest to highest positions, and is usually used by psychologists experienced in the application and interpretation of psychological measuring instruments.
for 5 candidates – 20 €/per candidate!
for 60 candidates – 16,50 €/per candidate!
for 12 candidates – 16,50 €/per candidate!
for 144 candidates – 14 €/per candidate!
for 30 candidates – 13,50 €/per candidate!
for 360 candidates – 11 €/per candidate!
In the PAY AS YOU GO package you pay as much as you use (testing, employee’s surveys, video interview).
1 candidate
29 €/per candidate!
1 candidate
19 €/per candidate!
1 candidate
9 €/per candidate!

Ask us anything you want to know!

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We are always available!

Within 2 hours we are available from 06 a.m. to 12 p.m. and within 6 hours from 12 p.m. to 06 a.m.!
We are always there for you!

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